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Turkey Lurkey!

178cc4bcff4211e297b922000a1fa527_7Have you met the newest residents at Udekki? Along with the chickens, and the neighbour’s cat, and the dogs from the fishing village, there are 4 turkeys roaming the property and gobble, gobble, gobbling to the delight of young and old alike!

It all started last December when Glen decided Udekki needed a turkey or a goose for Christmas. So he sent Maxi, the manager, off to do some very special shopping!  Maxi came back late that night as Glen was finishing dinner with guests. From Maxi’s description it wasn’t clear whether he had bought a turkey or a goose so everyone went traipsing up to the chicken coop in the dark, to check!

But sure enough, it was a turkey, and Glen began making plans to fatten it up ready for Christmas dinner.  As usual, Glen was up early the next morning. The boys had opened the chicken coop, not thinking about the newest addition, and the turkey had made a dash for freedom! Glen found the turkey on top of the umbrella besides the pool!

It took the boys 30 minutes to recapture the turkey – and because of its foiled attempt, it won its reprieve – no longer was turkey on the menu for Christmas lunch.

Over the next 6 months, the turkey just had the chickens and roosters to hang out with. And it began to think it was a chicken!

60ec6898061711e3b6c722000a9d0edd_7So, recently 3 more turkeys were added to the Udekki menagerie – another female, and 2 males. Each morning they parade from the chicken coop and around the pool to inspect the guests, before they spend their day foraging around the property. In the evening the process is reversed as they make their way back to the coop. They seem fascinated by the water in the pool – at least one has fallen in to the amazement of guests!

And thanks to Phoebe, Matilda, Flynn and Zac the turkeys now have names – Nuts, Captain America, Nutella and Black Widow!

So let’s see what’s on the menu for Christmas dinner this year!?