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My stay at Udekki – from 8 year old Luka

Another ‘guest’ post from one of our young guests! 8 year old Luka recently visited Sri Lanka with an extended family/friend group – and they chose to spend some of their time at Udekki!

Udekki enjoyed having them, and we’re glad they enjoyed Udekki too! We especially love the fly protectors for the beds (aka as mosquito nets!). We can’t wait until you all visit again! And Luka, then you and Glen can continue playing the Blues!


image013The space is massive; it had a really cool tree house, an amazing magic window, an awesome H pool, and some pretty cool villa’s with fly protectors for the beds.

It is a very relaxing place and the food is great and there’s lot’s of it!!! There is fruit to seafood and snacks in between. My favourite part of the food personally was the Crab, but I loved all of it.

The waves are absolutely massive on the beach!!!!!
It is a nice place to hang out with family and friends.☺☺image021
It is great to body surf with mates, but watch out you might get dumped!!!☹☹
– Luka (your blues Brother)

From our guest author, 10 year old Tilly

tilly's blog-3  Tilly and her family have spent the past 5 days at Udekki. Tilly wrote about their visit to a neighbouring village to donate toys and clothes to families.

tilly's blog-4‘On the 13th October, me, my Mum, my Dad, my sister and Carolyn went to a town where we gave out old toys and clothes. It made all of the children very happy and it made me happy because I had lots of things that they didn’t have and it was great to pass them on to a person who will play with them more than I ever did.’

Thanks Tilly and family! We hope to see you at Udekki again one day!tilly's blog-2