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it’s a hopper morning!

7e617bf2017611e384c322000a1fbca9_7At least 3 or 4 times a week, guests at Udekki are treated to d0aeae66017611e3b85022000a1f9e75_7egg hoppers, along with all the other usual breakfast delights!  Hoppers, or aappa, are a Sri Lankan staple and can be served in a variety of ways – there are egg hoppers, plain hoppers, string hoppers… Egg hoppers are a favourite for breakfast!

f91b746a017611e3877022000a9f1278_7Cooked in a small bowl-like pan and made from rice flour, 1305a1de017711e39dd822000a1ddafb_7hoppers are just the perfect shape for an egg!  They are often served with curry, sambol and dhal, and traditionally eaten with fingers.

Recently, everyone was wondering why it was taking so long for the hoppers to come from the kitchen.  We had completely forgotten that one of the hopper pans had been given to a guest to take back to Europe and the staff were trying to juggle all the hopper requests with one pan! A great souvenir from Udekki!

If you’re staying at Udekki you are welcome to make your own breakfast hoppers – and the staff are on hand to help. This morning Phoebe (8) and Mathilda (10) had a great time making egg hoppers for their first breakfast in Sri Lanka!2fc6a214017711e3a27d22000a9f165c_7



food glorious food!

prawnsOne of the highlights of any visit to Udekki is the food! So much wonderful food!

All our seafood, fruit and vegetables are bought fresh daily from local suppliers. And the kitchen uses them to create an amazing array of fresh and tasty dishes, with a menu that changes daily. Anyone that has eaten at Udekki knows that there is no set dining room, no set meal times and no menu to choose from! You can dine by the pool, on your verandah, on the terrace, or if it’s not windy, by the sea! For each meal we bring you a variety of dishes. If you have a favourite, or if there’s something you can’t eat – let us know and we’ll cater for that too!sushimi



Our breakfasts are huge… pancakes filled with caramelized coconut; egg hoppers with pol sambal and dhal; fresh fruit, curd and treacle; toast; Sri Lankan omelette; tea, coffee and fresh juices.

If you need something for lunch, there’s always Sri Lankan style rice and curry, with a range of side dishes.

As it gets close to sunset, whether you’re in the pool or by the sea, there will be battered prawns and pumpkin and aubergine – all with Glen’s mother’s devilled chutney! And probably a cocktail or a beer!battered prawns

And then dinner… Make sure you have plenty of room for all that will come to your table! Dishes vary according to season and availability – but your meal could include: fresh sashimi and wasabi; grilled prawns; honey and lemon chicken; grilled vegetables; a fresh green salad; a baked fish such as seer or grouper; delicious vegetable fried rice; clams in white wine sauce; crab in curry sauce; lobster with butter and garlic and pepper; devilled potatoes… And there’s always space for desert – icecream and fried banana; and chocolate cake are favourites!

egg hopperMany guests have taken the opportunity to spend some time in the kitchen with staff – making their own egg hoppers; helping with the pol sambal; or learning about all the ingredients that go into a vegetable curry!

And guests are always welcome to share one their own favourite recipe with the staff – so that can become a part of the Udekki menu as well!